2020 Scholarship Recipients

Jack Denahy (Boxing)

“This opportunity means the world to me! Having access to the valuable experience of a sporting great such as Sarah Fitz-Gerald will help me build my career in ways I can’t begin to imagine.

The funding and recognition provided will allow me to step my training up to the next level including increased strength and conditioning and seeking the best nutrition. I am truly grateful for the opportunity from the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.”

Mentor Sarah Fitz-Gerald AM (Squash)

“I feel really honoured to be asked to mentor Jack…..his mother and I have been great friends since we were kids, ... to watch her son grow up, make decisions which has led him down this path with sport and now to see him achieving so much and working so hard gives me a huge thrill.” 


Sade Ferguson (Water Skiing)

“To be recognised as a recipient of the SAHOF Scholarship Program is definitely an honour. I feel extremely privileged to be recognised as a junior athlete making positive steps in Australian sport.

To have an Australian great mentoring me in this next year is definitely going to give me the best opportunity to grow and step it up a gear both personally and as an athlete. Mindset is the biggest part of the game and I’m excited to get started.”

Mentor Kristy Munroe AM (Surf Life Saving)

“I’m really excited to have this opportunity to mentor Sade Ferguson, through this wonderful program that matches athletes across different sports.

We hear so often ‘I wish I knew then what I know now’ and the SAHOF Scholarship and Mentoring Program provides a platform to share our experiences with these incredible rising stars. The challenges of competing on a world stage as a teenager is something I’m very honoured to be able to help Sade with.”


Tom Green (Canoe/Kayak)

“It is an honour to receive a SAHOF Scholarship and to have been recognised by my peers. Being mentored by Grant Hackett, a sporting great is a privilege that will help make my sporting dreams a reality.

The opportunity to learn from someone who has been there and who has experienced the ups and downs of elite competition and can share their lessons learned with me is simply priceless. I look forward to making the most out of this opportunity and I thank everyone involved for their consideration. I hope to one day be able to mentor others to help them chase their dreams no matter how big.”

Mentor Grant Hackett OAM (Swimming)

“Very grateful to have the opportunity to help guide Tom through the challenges he faces as an athlete. Providing perspective through experience allows any athlete a greater chance of reaching their full potential.”


Lucas (Luke) Plapp (Cycling)

“The opportunity to have a close relationship with a sporting icon such as Libby, who has reached the highest level in her sport, is a dream come true. Having a ‘sounding board’ to share her insights into coping with the highs and lows and to learn from some of Libby’s life lessons is going to be invaluable. At this time of my sporting journey, this opportunity will inspire me to further my sporting and career ambitions and I am exceptionally grateful.”

Mentor Libby Trickett OAM (Swimming)

“What an enormous privilege it is to work with a talented athlete such as Luke. I’m looking forward to helping him in anyway that I can to support his career and get him closer to reaching his goals in the coming years.”


Hayley Wilson (Skateboarding)

“It is a huge honour to be selected as a SAHOF Scholarship Recipient and I look forward to and will be totally committed to working with my mentor, Kevin Sheedy. It is an honour to be able to work with a sporting great who has a wealth of knowledge and experience and I look forward to being a mentee working with Kevin in areas such as life balance, striving for excellence and success, and dealing with set backs due to injury. It will truly be a once in a lifetime opportunity which I will embrace.”

Mentor Kevin Sheedy AO (Coach - Australian Football)

“During my career I have been fortunate to gain knowledge from my mentors and believe now is the time for me to share that with Hayley an aspiring athlete from another sport.” 

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