2018 Scholarship Recipients

 Riley Day (Athletics)

“Receiving the Sport Australia Hall of Fame scholarship is a shock and an amazing surprise,” Day said.

“To be chosen out of all of the very deserving applicants is an absolute honour.

“I am very grateful to receive this scholarship and will embrace every opportunity so that it enables me to further my career. 

“I’d like to hear about her (Watson’s) greatest achievements and challenges and what she had to do to overcome them.”

“My goals over the next twelve months are to compete at the Commonwealth Games and the under 20 world championships,” Day said.


Mentor: Debbie Watson OAM (Water Polo)

“Riley is an incredible talent and I am honoured to be paired with her as a mentor,” Watson said.

“At such a young age she has already competed at a world championships and has a wonderful future ahead of her.

“I am hoping I can be an ear for Riley in whatever way she needs, any assistance or advice I can provide to help Riley achieve her goals will be my pleasure to give.

“I am very excited about this opportunity and the road ahead.”



Nia Jerwood (Sailing)

"My long-term goal is to continue sailing for Australia and win a medal at the Olympic Games,” Jerwood said.

“I got tired of waiting around on the shore when my older siblings went out sailing, so my parents decided to buy me my first boat at age five.

“They have both sailed all their lives and have been very supportive of my journey in the sport.

“My dad often comes out on the coach boat to give us advice and see what we are up to.”

“I am really looking forward to the opportunity that I have been given to be mentored by Liane,” Jerwood added.

“She is not only a very successful athlete having won two gold medals, but has also dedicated a lot of her time to creating greater opportunities for women in sport.

“I believe I have plenty to learn from Liane and am really looking forward to being inspired.”


Mentor: Liane Tooth OAM (Hockey)

“I feel honoured and excited to be offered this mentoring role with Nia, who has had some terrific results recently,” Tooth said.

“I’m looking forward to sharing experiences and lessons from my sporting journey and hope that I can add value to Nia’s journey and assist her to reach her goals.

“I think it’s a great opportunity for a young athlete to have someone that’s not invested in their sport to offer a different perspective.

“My role as a mentor will be to have regular interaction with Nia, discuss her aspirations and challenges for the future.”



Poppy Starr Olsen (Skateboarding)

“The Olympics has always been the dream but I guess to be able to make a living from skateboarding would be the ultimate goal,” Olsen said.

“I guess I am so good at skating because I just love it so much, so I'm always doing it as much as I can.”

“Layne is incredible, it's going to be awesome to have a mentor that also has a passion for riding a board,” Olsen added.

“I can't wait to learn from her and hear how she deals with different situations.”


Mentor: Layne Beachley AO (Surfing)

“Poppy is a skateboarder on a mission and I’m thrilled to be in her corner, mentoring her to become the best athlete she can be,” Beachley said.

“Surfing and skateboarding are on a similar trajectory with inclusion into the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games so it's a wonderful opportunity to share my knowledge as a former world champion and current Chair of Surfing Australia with an athlete who has her sights firmly set on fulfilling her potential on the world stage.”






Ben Tudhope (Snowboarding)

“The most important thing for me is I truly love snowboarding,” Tudhope said.

“Snowboarding is part of my lifestyle and I love being on snow everyday – I don’t know where I would be without it.”

“He is an Australian sporting legend,” Tudhope said of Farr-Jones.

“Firstly, we have been connected before at my school (Shore, Sydney) where Nick’s son attends, so its great that I have met him once or twice before and we have established a connection.

“One of the areas I’m very excited about is Nick sharing his thoughts on the mechanisms of being a great athlete, how he coped with and managed competitions.”


Mentor: Nick Farr-Jones AM (Rugby Union)

“It is an absolute privilege to be asked by the Sport Australia Hall of Fame to mentor Ben Tudhope,” Farr-Jones said.

“Ben and I, whilst not having had dialog directly, have been connected through the Shore school in Sydney, with the youngest of my four children Josh a year behind Ben.

“I’ve been hugely inspired by Ben’s achievements having been in the school winter program for some years, but it is not so much his achievements at a tender age, but more about his attitude to pushing back against some physical impediments and having an attitude to achieve.”





Ben Ward (Weightlifting)

“I’m really excited to be a member of the scholarship and mentoring program, it’s a great acknowledgement to the work I have done so far,” Ward explained.

“Having access to someone like Tim Horan is invaluable and I will make the most of the time I can spend with him, and learn from his experiences.”


Mentor: Tim Horan AM (Rugby Union)

“I’m very much looking forward to working with Ben, offering advice and support he can take with him as he develops as an athlete,” Horan said.

“He is an impressive athlete and has a strong determination to succeed, hopefully I can play a part in him achieving his goals.”



Click here to read the 2018 Scholarship Media Release from 2017


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