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21st Aug 2019
2017 Inductees, Awards & Finalists




The Sport Australia Hall of Fame

“33rd Induction & Awards Gala Dinner

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Formally Inducted on Thursday 12th October 2017

To be Inducted into The Sport Australia Hall of Fame is the greatest honour that can be bestowed. Membership is limited exclusively to the top echelon of Australian athletes who have all achieved excellence at the highest level of their sport, and to those who have shown outstanding achievements in roles supportive to sports participants.

In 2017, eight great Australian’s were formally Inducted into The Sport Australia Hall of Fame on Thursday 12th October at the 33rd Induction and Awards Gala Dinner at Crown Palladium.

 To read more on The Sport Australia Hall of Fame's 557 Members, click here.


'Official Legend of Australian Sport' Award

12 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Raelene Boyle proud to be an Australian Legend

Click here to read Raelene Boyle's Biography



'The Don' Award Winner - JEFF HORN

12 October 2017 - 'The Hornet' Jeff Horn lands 'The Don'


'The Don' Award Finalists

September 12 - 'The Don' Finalists announced




2017 Member Inductees



Click here to read Tony Lockett's Biography

25th September 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Tony Lockett Snags Sport Australia Hall of Fame Induction




Click here to read Lauren Burn's Biography

27 September 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Lauren Burns Punches her Ticket to Hall of Fame




Click here to read Grace Bryant's Biography

3 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Doctor Grace Bryant gets Hall of Fame Treatment



Click here to read Frank Ponta's Biography

5 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Paralympic Icon Frank Ponta Honoured with Hall of Fame Induction



 Click here to read Troy Sachs Biography

9 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Paralympic champion Troy Sachs makes Hall of Fame


Click here to read Brad McGee's Biography

10 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Cycling champion Brad McGee pedals into Hall of Fame




 Click here to read Steve Hooker's Biography

11 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Steve Hooker's golden record vaults him into Hall of Fame



Click here to read Debbie Handley Cummins Biography

11 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Hall of Fame nod for water polo pioneer Debbie Handley Cummins



 2018 Scholarship Recipients

4 October 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE: Teen stars receive guidance from Hall of Fame Members


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When considering the stature of an athlete or for that matter any person, I set great store in certain qualities which I believe to be essential in addition to skill. They are that the person conducts his of her life with dignity, with integrity, courage, and perhaps most of all, with modesty. These virtues are totally compatible with pride, ambition, and competitiveness.